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What's on the Menu?

At Firefly’s, we serve no barbecue before or after its time!  Every day, we smoke over hickory, cherry and apple woods for the freshest BBQ around.  Each day’s bar-b-que is available only until we run out.

Dinner Menu: 

Come on over and enjoy all your Firefly’s BBQ favorites or Take Out our award-winning barbecue and Southern fare with Curbside Pickup or Delivery


Kids Menu: 

We've got a special menu of food your kids will actually eat and enjoy


Heapin' Helpin's Menu: 

Feed a crowd family style with a bucket of our ribs, wings, a whole chicken, pulled pork and chicken with rolls, our sensational sides, our famous corn bread and more! 


Gluten Free Menu: 

Check out all the <GF> items on our Dinner Menu!


Beverage Menus: 

Check out our Beverage Menu including our draft beers on tap, craft brews and popular bottles and cans, creative cocktails and an ever-growing list of fine whiskeys! 


Party & Event Catering Menu: 

Let our S.W.A.T. Team cater your event

Firefly’s BBQ Owner & Pitmaster Steve Uliss Talks Barbecue

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